Bath Blitz Memorial + Archive

Our prize winning entry for the RIBA South West Competition 'Imagine Bath' focuses on the 75th Anniversary of the Bath Blitz.  In 1942 wartime air raids on the City resulted in the death of 417 residents and visitors. 1,200 buildings were also seriously damaged or destroyed. As an act of remembrance, every tower and spire would be illuminated, alongside light shafts projected from the four locations where church spires were lost as a result of the raids.

The focal point of the commemoration will be the new Bath ARC (Archive and Records Collection). Located on the site of St Andrew’s Church the proposal will provide a living memorial of the City’s past. Education and study rooms along with staff areas will be arranged around a tranquil courtyard, with the archives stored below ground.  Situated directly behind the Crescent, the ARC will provide a cafe, exhibition area and new public space for visitors and local residents.



Location: Lansdown, Bath

Date: Competition 2015

Team: Mark Wray, Jamie Holmes, Isaac Lim



Imagine Bath Exhibition

Architects Journal, 03/2015

RIBA Journal, 03/2015



RIBA Imagine Bath Competition, 2nd place.